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The Rib Splint is a revolutionary device used for the treatment of rib fractures.

Mechanism of Action 

After a rib fracture, any coughing, taking a deep breath or changing body position may cause the movement of the broken rib, 

which may result in a secondary injury and increase the pain.

Rapfit Medical Rib Splint is designed to limit the mobility of the injured body part to the minimum to avoid the secondary injury. 

Because of the splint’s stiffness, a rigid plate structure is formed between the broken ends and the surrounding ribs by using the Rapfit rib splint.  Without restricting the thorax movement, the splint limits the mobility of the fractured rib ends caused by breathing or coughing.

Therefore, the secondary injury won’t occur and the pain will be greatly relieved immediately. 


Moreover, it improves the recovery of respiratory function and reduces the risk of pneumonia.


 Main Structure

This product consists of thermoplastic plates, cushioning pad, fixing adhesive layer(Medical Tape), Heat-conducting sealing bag, fixing film, and heating reagent et




The main component of this product is Nano high polymer material, with the newest structure, extremely lightweight.

 It perfectly fit human body shape and is with the good fixation for the fractured part. 

The product is covered by low- allergic material, skin-friendly, breathable, safe and reliable. 

It is softened by heating reagents, which is convenient for a medical staff's operation.

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