7 Advantages of Rapfit Wrist Splint


7 Advantages of Rapfit Wrist Splint


Our Rapfit Splint revolutionizes the treatment of distal radius fracture or wrist related fractures.With our Rapfit Wrist Splint, you can treat your patients cost effectively, with our highly adjustable and conformable splint that provides a perfect fit and superior comfort from injury to recovery.


There are 7 advantages as bellows:


1.     Quick, easy and clean to apply. After activation by heat, the Rapfit Splint is designed to mold perfectly to the contours of the patient’s limb.

2.     Adjustable. It is adjustable and compensates for swelling or atrophy of fractured limb.

3.     Waterproof, Clean and hygienic. The splint does not absorb water and gets dry quickly after a shower. It is hygienic for the skin and prevents pruritus and dermatitis.

4.     Perfect Fitness. 100% fit to the body contour, strong but light-weight and re-moldable

5.     Radiolucent and 100% biodegradable. Rapfit Splint is radiolucent. The main component is polymer which is also environmentally friendly.

6.     Inspection & Rehabilitation use. A fixation strap allows the Rapfit Splint to be removed for inspection or care and is easy to refit again – ideal for frequent physical and radiological inspection of scaphoid fractures. Also, our Rapfit Splint is easily converted into a wearable rehab splint for continued support

7.     Space Saving. Saves space and keeps inventory requirements and management to a minimum. Thanks to stretch and trim features ,the Rapfit Splint is flat packed.

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