What are the features of Rapfit Splint


·         Visibility: This splint uses a hollow design which facilitates the observation of the skin color change of the affected limb caused by poor blood supply. The occurrence of complications can be prevented early.

·         Waterproof: Let the patients have the freedom to shower, bathe or swim because the main material of the splint does not absorb any water.

·         Highly breathable: Because of its hollow design, the splint ensures that patient's skin remains dry and comfortable. It prevents unpleasant odors, itching, and risk of skin maceration.

·         Highly moldable: conformable and moldable for a perfect fit due to our patented high polymer material, which is softened by 70 degrees water. After generating the desired shape, the material reverts to its original structural strength and rigidity at room temperature.

·         Adjustable:  To 100% fit the patient’s limb, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the healing process, the splint can be adjusted by the fixation strap. This feature compensates for an increase or decrease in swelling of the injured limb. Only one splint is needed from the injury to the discovery.

·         Convenient for postoperative care:  Cut the fixation strap and remove the splint, postoperative incision inspection or care can be done easily.

·         Multifunctional:  It can be used as a splint, a cast, and a brace.

·         Fast and easy operation:  to apply and conforms perfectly to the limb being treated.

·         Radiolucent: unlike traditional casts, there is no need to remove and replace when an x-ray is required.

·         Strong but lightweight: It only weighs about 50% of the weight of a plaster of cast.

·         Suitable for promotion: Easy operation by the doctors and acceptable by patients. No need any other machines to assist with the operation.

·         Clinically effective: the Rapfit splint does not compromise the clinical outcome when compared with traditional casting methods.

·         Better for the environment the Rapfit is 100% biodegradable.



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